Who am I?

I’m a Swedish artist who lives in a small town called Enköping. I have a passion for art, comics and Japan. I’ve loved drawing since I was little, and I somewhat live in a dream world – everything around me replays as comics inside my head. I’m not crazy though, but the happiness and love for telling stories through art come naturally inside me and pour out into the things I create.

I’ve got a bachelor’s degree from Linköpings University in Graphic Design and Communications, have taken a distance course in Illustration at Forsbergs and have worked as a Graphic designer and Production manager for the last couple of years.

My dream is to share the happiness and love that art gives. If you are interested in buying my art, don’t miss out my Shop. If you’re interested in doing collaborations, making projects together or just want to ask about anything and nothing to me, don’t hesitate to Say Hello!

Stay safe and spread the love!